Co-Presidents: Madi Batchelor & Megan Lowry

Madi and Megan are the faces of our society; they coordinate the rest of the team. With great communication skills and the role of overseeing the operation of the BSS, they enthusiastically work with the Student Union and the MDHS to manage the society and ensure its smooth functioning. They have the answer to everything!

Secretary: Emily King

Emily is our “sexy” secretary; she collaborates the work of the team. Well organized and meticulous, she knows exactly what everyone is doing and is your first point of call. She takes our important meeting minutes, archives our special documents, responds to mountains of emails, and happily fills out the forms.

Treasurer: Sam Banks

Sam manages the financial position of the society and facilitates spending. With a keen eye for detail, his efficient role is crucial to the functioning of the BSS. Not only does he monitor our accounts, but he also budgets for events, coordinates costs, and determines where our money goes. Money never sleeps!

Social Officer: Dean Nelson

Dean is the event manager of the BSS; bringer of positive vibes and excitement. An experienced event attendee, he is the one to liaise with to discuss upcoming society events and also to market future events. He is always open to fresh new event ideas and sponsorship deals, constantly coordinating with Pubs, Clubs, and DJ’s.

Educations Officer: Jordan Santucci

Jordan is your educational liason. He organises the Second Hand Book Sale, the Peer Advice sessions, and regular study sessions. As a role model and the go-to guy for for study support, you will see Jordan year round assisting students with the most important side of University, the academic side. Regularly conversing with the MDHS & lecturers, he is the one who makes certain that the BSS Cocktail Night isn’t running the night before your mid-semester test!

Publications Officer: Alicia Chan

Alicia is the society’s publicity manager. She handles all things design and graphic related, including our event ticket designs and also helps with our posters, the annual ball and all our other social events. For all promotional material questions and queries about any of the publications of the BSS, Alicia is the one to speak to!

Third Year Representatives: Alex Kilner, Justin Sharadiscus, Chen Qian

Second Year Representatives: James Mortimer, Nick Edwards, Evangelia Dendrinos, Richard Yan, William Chiang, Ester Paykin

First Year Representatives:

The Society Representatives, or “Reps” are a vital part of our team. Their role is to represent our society, communicating with their cohort, announce events, assist with ticket sales and to supply other important information to students. They need to be a well integrated member of the Biomedicine community, working collaboratively with each other to collect, collate, and convey student opinions. We elect our five new First Year Reps being early in the year at a special meeting after our much antipacted annual cAMP.

Biomed Bear

Biomed Bear is the Official Mascot of the Biomedicine Students’ Society. Currently undertaking his seventh year in Biomedicine, and having attended every event since the establishment of the BSS, Biomed Bear is your go to guy for anything Biomed related! To keep up to date, make sure you follow Biomed Bear on Facebook and Instagram!